Plenaries from APL Conference 2019 – Malpas, Elden, Margaroni, Mbembe, Stiegler 

H/T Progressive Geographies. TCS (who co-sponsored the event) has the full Youtube playlist of plenaries by Jeff Malpas, Stuart Elden, Maria Margaroni, Bernard Stiegler, Achille Mbembe, beginning with a discussion between Mbembe and Stiegler.

Source: Videos of Plenaries from Truth, Fiction, Illusion: Worlds & Experience’ Conference 2019 – Malpas, Elden, Margaroni, Mbembe, Stiegler | Progressive Geographies

Sam Talcott’s Book on Canguilhem is now out

Don’t read the publisher’s blurb (“fills a gap in the market”–the worst reason to buy a book, which means it just fills a gap in your bookcase forever) but the blurbs from the referees. With Stuart Elden’s book also out , this is the summer when Canguilhem finally gets some overdue love in English. (He was a major influence on Foucault and Derrida, among others, but of course a force in his own right.)