Loneliness, Age, and the Life of Crime

“Tokyo police will try to rein in a wave of shoplifting by lonely elderly people by involving them in community service, a police spokesman said on Thursday.”  

Loneliness is apparently a self-reported factor in 25% of the thefts–and that’s self-reported. I can only wonder what the situation is like in the US where there is far less social normalization to pay attention to one’s parents. Now (a) there’s a lot worse things people do in the name of loneliness, (b) Perhaps the real number, thinking about it again, is much lower–who wouldn’t let grandma go if this was the stated reason? It’s better than “I like the bling”…(c) I will refuse to reference the great Seinfeld episode on this (“Come’on Jerry, we all do this!”), which yes, I have thus referenced, (d) Perhaps my travels with father here in Scotland can now be put on the side of avoiding crime.