Lecture on Heidegger’s ’29/30 Course

For those that might be interested, I recorded a (longish) lecture on Heidegger’s Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics for my students while I am at SPEP this week. It is largely improvised and it was odd to lecture without the dialogue with students in front of me that I’m used to. But I try to pull together its three parts (the preliminary section on philosophizing, Part I on boredom, and Part II on different beings’ relation to the world). Perhaps an excess of um’s and uh’s as I got mentally tired two hours in, but I work through important quotations in the book. To me, the opening section and the performance of the lectures (philosophy is philosophizing; the sections on boredom, I’m convinced, are meant to bring you existentially face to face with that attunement, etc.). I also try to think out my own thesis that Heidegger’s three’s (three types of philosophy, three types of boredom, and three types of beings) are really about two’s where he can’t make the middle term stick.