Book of Job event at MUN this week

In the Centre for Newfoundland Studies at the QEII library, Thursday from 7:30-9pm, with my colleague and New Ontologies book series co-editor Sean McGrath:

The Centre for Newfoundland Studies (7:30-9:00 pm) will celebrate The Legend of Job, a collaboration between artists Gerry Squires and Boyd Warren Chubbs. The speakers will be Professor Sean McGrath (Philosophy), Esther Squires, and Boyd Warren Chubbs. Dr. McGrath will talk about the philosophical context of the work. Esther Squires will read the foreword (written by her father) and talk about some of the images from The Legend of Job. Boyd Warren Chubbs will speak about the evolution of the project especially in terms of the manuscript design. The Legend of Job, illustrated by Gerry Squires and lettered by Boyd Chubbs, is an iteration of the Book of Job that takes many of its design elements from the medieval manuscript tradition. The event will be hosted by Patrick Warner, Special Collections Librarian for the Queen Elizabeth II Library.

This looks quite of interest. Alas, I’ll miss it since I’ll be at SPEP, but anyone in the area should come to check it out.