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Some really interesting pieces. Below are the links to individual pieces and this is from the introduction by Deborah Cowen:

In the sample of work below, you will find creative engagement with infrastructure in its seemingly banal and innocuous forms, like the jersey barrier, or the airport washroom. Some authors focus instead on the affective, intimate, and aspirational dimensions of infrastructure in engagements with im/mobility and undocumented youth, Palestinian homes, and anti-colonial artistic practice. One author challenges popular and professional conceptions of transit efficiency by engaging infrastructure from their perspective and experience of dis-ability. A number of pieces address questions of force and violence through engagements with the infrastructures of petroleum extraction, the construction of national borders, colonial scientific observatories, and the internment of racialized peoples. Together, the essays examine infrastructure in the making and begin to rethink how intimacy, law, family, territory, able bodiedness, and race produce and require specific infrastructures to work.


The O’Hare Shit-In: Airports, occupied infrastructures, and excremental politics

Andrew F. Kaufman

Homes as Infrastructures of Intimacy

Sabrien Amrov

‘Public’ Transit for ‘Every-Body’? Invisabilizing Bodies of Difference

Terri-Lynn Langdon

Incarceration and Incorporation: The Infrastructures of Japanese Canadian Internment and Redress

Katrina Fukuda

The Jersey Barrier: Concrete Divisions and Mammoth Erections

Sam Cotter

Space infrastructure, empire, and the final frontier: What the Mauna Kea Land defenders teach us about colonial totality

Zannah Mae Matson and Neil Nunn


Available after October 10, 2017

Dreams and Desires on a Go-Kart Track: The Inclusions and Exclusions of Infrastructure

Deanna Del Vecchio

Petro-Violence: Merging Militarism and Corporate Secrecy

Rouzbeh Akhbari

The Mirrored Shield as Indigenous Fugitivity and Radical Glitchfrastructure

Melissa Nesrallah

A Geometry of Borders: The Infrastructural Points that Construct the Line

Zannah Mae Matson

The City and The City (and the city): Infrastructure in the Breach

Deborah Cowen


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