George Ciccariello-Maher on the Right’s Attack on Academic Freedom

He has been put on administrative leave after several tweets after the Las Vegas shooting, which linked it to a quite obvious question about the anger and frustration of white males, who are the predominant perpetrators of those shootings (and has been a major media topic given the Trump election). Again, straightforward questions, even if we would not all reach his conclusions or use his modes of analysis. Far right—and outright racist—websites then spread his tweets in truncated and out-of-order fashion and his Drexel University’s response ensued. In any event, here is his piece in the Washington Post.

Also this again proves my thesis that our supposedly lowliest or least prepared or engaged students offer far better insights about the issues we discuss than most of what counts in our national discussions among pundits, many of whom have graduated from Ivy League institutions:

Earlier in the week, I asked my students to explain the relation between white masculinity and mass killings, and they offered in a few short minutes of class discussion far more insight than any mainstream media outlet has offered all week.