Bueno’s The Attention Economy reviewed at Theory, Culture & Society

The review is open source here. Here is the abstract:

How should we conceptualise the turn to attention as a means of producing surplus value? Claudio Celis Bueno answers this question through a consideration of the attention economy in the context of a rethinking of Marxist political economy. Bueno accounts for the development of the economisation of attention through the concepts of value, labour and time, but also investigates how the shift to attention requires us to rethink the basis of these terms. Using the attention economy as an example, he develops a method of immanent critique which rejects a-historical understandings of labour, in order to show how the core concepts of Marxist political economy transform across different economic systems. Despite the clarity of this argument, Bueno opens an interesting but unanswered question as to how one transitions from this insight to a positive, political project that may not be incompatible with immanent critique.

Source: Review of Claudio Celis Bueno, The Attention Economy: Labour, Time and Power in Cognitive Capitalism – Theory, Culture & Society

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