The Academic Fake Self

H/T Progessive Geographies, here’s David Berliner’s How to get rid of your academic fake-self? I’m lucky to have been in a place where I felt I had the room to take false roads on projects, to be open about what I did or did not accomplish, etc. But these are important reminders as many of us leave our summer research time: we didn’t get to reading all of Hegel while finishing two MSs and correcting proofs on our last two. Alas, this advice can probably only be used for tenured faculty, and non-tenured or underemployed faculty would probably have violent thoughts if told by a senior colleague that they were not up to much, that they haven’t felt the need to read x, y, or z, etc. But these are best practices: the best scholarship takes time, or even the patience to wind around a certain set of ideas over the long term. I just think of all of the work people do, say, on the topic of not-working in anarchism…sometimes a counter-practice shouldn’t just be theorized in more work.