Syllabi for this Semester

Here is the link to my grad course, titled “The New Derrida,” which is also the title of a book I’m writing with Rick Elmore. I will post my lectures here.

And here is the link to my Phenomenology course, which focuses on Heidegger. I will be updating secondary sources on that one.

All of my recent years’ syllabi and course materials can be found at


  1. The Derrida course and book sounds really great, Peter.

    What would be interesting to note as you proceed “backwards” is the architectonic in terms of disciplinary differentiation. It’s very much a move from politics, through sources of normativity, to a metaphysics (in the non-pejorative sense, do you think we can say that?). And that would give us a useful set of ballparks for negotiating the oeuvre when looking for discussion of specific problems.

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