Most Cited Philosophers (and others)

Looking to justify something I’m writing on Foucault, namely that he remains one of the most cited philosophers thirty years after his death, led me down the rabbit hole of looking at three different sources: (1) The most cited philosophers in the social sciences in 2014 here. Foucault’s Discipline and Punish and History of Sexuality volumes comes in second and third among philosophers with Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolutions (no surprise) on top; (2) there is this Thomas Reuters’ study from 2007 (Foucault up top, followed by Bourdieu and Derrida) ; (3) and most interestingly to me this Arts and Humanities Citation Index listing of the 250 most cited authors in 1986. For the record, again Foucault does well among philosophers (don’t write me about the label–it’s just the one put on him continually, and there is that late comment in a lecture course where he says as a philosopher, he was obligated at least once to lecture fully on Socrates), though Lenin and Marx are just killing the Bible, just to rankle the Reaganites of that era.