Three Recent NDPR reviews of note

First John Russon’s excellent Infinite Phenomenology: The Lessons of Hegel’s Science of Experience is reviewed by Michael Vater, focusing on the way the text offers ways out of the Phenomenology directly into current political debates and impasses.

Next, Peter Trawny’s Freedom to Fail: Heidegger’s Anarchy, trs. Ian Alexander Moore and Christopher Turner, reviewed by Gregory Fried,  is less insightful, given Trawny’s other work and his editing of Heidegger’s Black Notebooks. (At least it’s a short read, but the upshot is that Heidegger’s errancy arrives out of his philosophical acumen or something–I guess like Icarus reaching for the son.)

Finally, Johanna Oksala’s Feminist Experiences: Foucauldian and Phenomenological Investigations is reviewed by Ladelle McWhorter , positing that the work continues Oksala’s attempts to resuscitate phenomenological (i.e., transcendental) notions of subjectivity while taking on Foucaultian and feminist critiques.