Events at MUN this week

Tuesday starts a busy week at 4:30 with the Philosophy Colloquium. Patrick Renaud will be giving a paper entitled, “Some Remarks on Quentin Meillassoux’s Divinology.” (SN 2098)

At 8:30 pm, the Public Lecture Series in Philosophy continues at the Ship Inn. PhD Candidate Kyla Bruff will be speaking on “‘Everone gets a B’: What’s the Point of an Education in the Humanities if I Can’t Fail?” Y

On Thursday at 4 pm, The Future, the Arts, and Ecology begins, with Professor Heather Eaton giving a keynote address in the Great Hall of Queen’s College. The title of the talk is  “Earth Democracy: Ecology, Ethics, and Spirituality for a Viable Future.” Dr. Michelle Rebidoux will give a response, followed by a wine and cheese reception. This portion of the three-day event is co-sponsored by Philosophy and Queen’s College (Faculty of Theology). 

Friday at 9 am in the Junior Common Room, the Philosophy Department will host a special lecture as part of a day long workshop dedicated to interdisciplinary ecology. Dr. Antoine Guggenheim (Bernardine College, Paris), will give a talk entitled “Creation as Relation: Cosmos, Unity, and Diversity in Aquinas.”

Many other events are planned, including especially an evening with Innu Elder Elizabeth Penashue in the Rocket Room Thursday at 7 pm. The event closes with presentations, performances and a reception at the Rooms on Saturday evening from 5 pm to 7:30 pm. This will include a remembering of the Future of Nature Gros Morne (with a short film of the event being shown). 

The full schedule of events is here: