My review of Jean-Luc Nancy and Adèle Van Reeth’s La jouissance at Symposium’s Open Site

A summary:

Broken into five chapters, La jouissance is a set of interviews with Jean-Luc Nancy around the tricky title word and the meaning of pleasure today and in Western history. At times ribald, at others highly academic, this book should be important to scholars of Nancy and contemporary Continental theory who will not just find extended discussions of the topic of jouissance, but also on Platonism, différance, Lacan, Spinoza, the feminine, community, the history of Christianity, and other important topics in Nancy’s work. For those beginning with Nancy, no discussion is too difficult and it’s carried along, no way around the pun, by a sexy topic. The interviewer is amiable and presses just the right questions—those that the reader will be thinking about, given Nancy’s previous answers. But more importantly, jouissance is revealed—in retrospect it is obvious—as a key term in Nancy’s oeuvre.

Source: Jean-Luc Nancy and Adèle Van Reeth. La jouissance » CSCP / SCPC