Society and spaceVolume 33 Issue 4 out now – currently open access 

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War, law and space theme issue
Guest editorial: War/Law/Space: Notes toward a legal geography of war Craig A. Jones, Michael D. Smith 581-591
Too difficult to protect: a history of the 1934 Monaco Draft and the problem of territory for international humanitarian law Margo Kleinfeld 592-608
Securitizing instability: the US military and full spectrum operations John Morrissey 609-625
Genealogies of liberal violence: human rights, state violence, and the police S.M. Reid-Henry 626-641
Piracy and the production of security space Zoltán Glück 642-659
War, law, jurisdiction, and juridical othering: private military security contractors and the Nisour Square massacre Katia Snukal, Emily Gilbert 660-675
Frames of law: targeting advice and operational law in the Israeli military Craig A. Jones 676-696
In the face of epistemic injustices?: on the meaning of people-led war crimes tribunals Mark Boyle, Audrey Kobayashi 697-713
Ordinary theatre and extraordinary law at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal Rachel Hughes 714-731

Infrastructuring aid: materializing humanitarianism in northern Kenya Kevin P. Donovan 732-748
Darkness, travel and landscape: India by fire- and starlight, c1820–c1860 Julian CT Baker 749

Source: Volume 33 Issue 4 out now – currently open access | Society and space