Recent Badiou Talk

At the International Philosophical Seminar in mp3 here. The introduction is by Serge Trottein (ENS), though I cut into it by forgetting to hit the record button. I essentially take up Badiou’s thinking of the decision as well as his claim not to belong to a long period in onto-theology. The set up for the conference was to responds to Badiou’s two manifestos for philosophy as a means of thinking the entirety of his work. There is a lengthy Q and A that follows.


  1. Maurizio Lazzarato is an Italian sociologist and philosopher. His work includes a discussion of immaterial labour, the work of Gabriel Tarde, Michel Foucault and the political question of invention. His books published in English include, The Making of Indebted Man (Semiotexte) and the forthcoming, Signs and Machines, capitalism and the production of subjectivity

    1. Thanks. I actually have a review of his latest to be posted at Los Angeles review of books on July 15.

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