Rick Elmore reviews my Realism book at Symposium

It is quite lovely and kind review:

Gratton provides a comprehensive review of thinkers associated with speculative realism (including Meillassoux, Harman, Brassier, and Grant), as well as thinkers of realism and materialism outside this group (Bennett, Grosz, Johnston, and Malabou among others). In addition to these critical summaries, Gratton also charts what he sees as the failure of continental realism to provide a substantive account of time, a failure that endangers the very project of realism, as it risks a static and idealized account of “the real.” He concludes with a brief but provocative account of his own concept of “real time” modeled on Derrida’s notion of writing as both difference and deferral. Thus Speculative Realism is a profoundly timely text, powerfully connecting realism, phenomenology, deconstruction, and hermeneutics…

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