Elden’s Review of Foucault’s ’71-2 course

At Berfois here. This is the last of Foucault’s Collège de France lectures to be published and Stuart notes the difficulties of the text (there are no recordings available and much of it was left in note form) while discussing its import:

This was a time when Foucault was involved in some of the most radical political activism of his life, working with the Groupe d’information sur les prisons along with groups on health and, less directly, asylums. Interviews conducted around the period of this course’s delivery give some sense of his political views. They include the discussion with students for Actuel, translated as ‘Revolutionary Action: Until Now’; the ‘Intellectuals and Power’ interview with Gilles Deleuze; and the debate ‘On Popular Justice’ with Maoists. This course goes a long way to show the impact that militant activism had on his theoretical work, and vice versa.

via Foucault’s Politics of Truth by Stuart Elden – Berfrois.