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Another NDPR review, this time of C.D.C. Reeve’s new translation of Aristotle’s Ethics from Hackett. The summary graph at the end tells his conclusion: it’s a good translation if you’re using it for upper-level undergrads, but given it’s notes and such, lower level undergrads may need a less note-y text. I think the opposite: they may not read them but I can point to them to explain various Greek terms and I quiz them on the glossary at the back of the current Hackett edition. (I also side with the Hackett editions over price: all things being more or less equal, I try not to assign the more-than-$20.00 Cambridge editions.)

Speaking of Aristotle, before teaching the Ethics and the Metaphysics this semester, I read Carlo Natalis’ Aristotle: His Life and School, recently translated and updated. It is perhaps the best biography I have read on him, providing notes to almost all of the extant reports on Aristotle’s life, as well as convincing interpretations for Aristotle’s reason for leaving Athens (breaking with Plato’s heir), for forming his own school later, and his best guesses on Aristotle’s own pedagogical style. Very helpful, with good nuggets to use when introducing Aristotle.

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