Günter Figal resigns over the Black Notebooks

Daily Nous story here, which has a link to the German story here. (Also see here.) I must admit, I thought the publication of the Black Notebooks was the least surprising thing to come out of the archives. While I thought it a good opportunity to explore this element in Heidegger’s thought and to think once more about its relationship to key parts of his overall works, it was also repetitious of previous Heidegger controversies, which spring up, as if anew every few years. Yes it’s good to have it in his words his anti-Semitic beliefs, but his actions in the 30s were long known and evident enough–evidence apparent to Husserl and Levinas in the 30s, to Sartre in the 40s, to his first readers in the English-speaking world in the 60s (even if apologized for), etc. Yet oddly, here is Figal declaring he can’t help lead a society since this reveals Heidegger to be more deeply “involved in Nazism” than before? In that case, I guess it is good to have this controversy every few years for those who seem to have missed the news.