Colloquium Series starts at MUN tomorrow

First up, I’m working through Schelling’s later writings to scope out his account of the real and the temporal (with mentions of freedom and the decision in there, too). Here’s the line-up for the semester:

1. [20 Jan] Peter Gratton, “Schelling, Derrida and Freedom: Thinking without a
Commentary: Kyla Bruff

2. [27 Jan] Michelle Rebidoux, “Persons, Community, and the Mystic Body: Towards
an Evolutionary Christian Personalism”
Commentary: Patrick Renaud

3. [3 Feb] Peter Harris, “Collingwood, Fackenheim and Bradley on Metaphysics and
Historicity – A Report”
Commentary: Gil Shalev

4. [10 Feb] David Thompson, “Origins of Objectivity”
Commentary: Sarah Messer

5. [24 Feb] Suma Rajiva, “Rationalism and Subjectivity from Descartes to
Commentary: Finton Neylan

6. [10 March] Walter Okshevsky, “Evan Simpson on Reasonableness, Truth and
Disagreement in Moral Judgement: A Habermasian Critique”
Commentary: Aaron O’Brien

7. [17 March] Scott Johnston, “What was Transcendental Idealism? Transcendent
and Transcendental Arguments in the Metaphysik Vigilantius (1794-1795)”
Commentary: Vahid

8. [24 March] Jennifer Flynn, “Naturalism and Bioethics”
Commentary: Shannon O’Rourke

9. [31 March] Sean McGrath, “The Late Schelling on the Trinity”
Commentary: Michelle Mahoney