The Police

Here’s an interesting piece–The Sound of the Police–in the Jacobin. It falls just a day after this strange op-ed by Steve Obsborne, a NY cop for 20 years and speaking about de Blasio’s supposed disrespect:

More police productivity has meant far less crime, but at a certain point New York began to feel like, yes, a police state, and the police don’t like it any more than you do. Tremendous successes were achieved in battling crime and making this city a much better place to live and work in and visit. But the time has probably come for the Police Department to ease up on the low-level “broken-windows” stuff while re-evaluating the impact it may or may not have on real, serious crime. No one will welcome this more than the average cop on the beat, who has been pressed to find crime where so much less of it exists.

Strange op-ed, since the police unions fought to keep stop-and-frisk, while Osborne basically admits that police have been making unnecessary arrests and nobody likes the status quo. And no mention, you know, of the deaths that are the center of the protests. In any case, let’s hope the work stoppage continues.


  1. strange really? every work organization I’ve been part of is filled with people who both bitch about the status quo and resist changing it, in some sense I think the bitching (unintentionally) is part of the effective resisting…

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