The 30 Harshest Philosopher-on-Philosopher Insults in History

Some click-bait here on 30 philosopher-on-philosopher insults, but it tells me even my reviews of Stiegler are quite tame. (It was interesting to note the McGinn insult of another philosopher of consciousness from 2007 after the mess last year).


We’ve amused ourselves for a while now at Flavorwire with our ongoing survey of internecine mud-slinging in various areas of the arts: musicians, actors, authors, and filmmakers have all provided rich entertainment in the manifold ways they’ve fought amongst themselves. But for truly epic bitchiness and egotism, you need look no further than that most storied and venerable of academic disciplines: philosophy! The history of Western thought is peppered with thinkers taking aim at their peers — sometimes in a genteelly intellectual manner, and sometimes… um, less so (yes, Friedrich Nietzsche, this means you). Here are 30 of the best, from Aristotle to Žižek.

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