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Jason Read (U. of Southern Maine) has two pieces up: one at the LARB on Spinoza, Marx, and the “Willing Slaves” of Capitalism, the other at his blog examining Pierre Macherey’s Le sujet des norms (2014). About Macherey, best known for his work growing out of his early relationship to Althusser as well as on Spinoza and Hegel, he writes:

Le Sujet des normes is in some sense  Macherey’s return to the series of problems and provocations that defined his entry in philosophy, the problems of theorizing the specific political and social problems of capital, a return after a long series of detours into Spinoza, Hegel, and the history of French philosophy, utopian thought, etc., and it bears the fruits of all of not only those detours (Spinoza and Hegel are used sparingly in this book, but at important junctures), but of an expansive sense of intellectual and political history that comes from years of teaching and research. Philosophers and theorists long considered opposed to the Althusserian camp, such as Lukács, Marcuse, Sartre, and Fanon, are productively drawn from.

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