Thomas Sheehan interviewed at 3:AM Magazine

By Heidegger scholars Richard Polt and Gregory Fried.The interview touches on Sheehan’s recently published Making Sense of Heidegger, which makes his long-held argument that there was no turn in Heidegger, that his later work is more obscure restatements of key insights in Sein und Zeit. The interview gives his short history of Heidegger scholarship in the Anglophone world, touches quickly on the black notebooks, and does make the hard-to-argue-with claim that Heidegger’s history of everything as falling to metaphysics is just philosophy from on high, instead of the needed investigations of various economic, social, and other changes in modernity. (This incidentally was one of the major critiques by Foucault of the early Derrida, namely that a given insight into a certain history of metaphysics was all one needed in terms of social critique.)