The Elemental Past in Meillassoux and Merleau-Ponty

Ted Toadvine has a draft up of his new Research in Phenomenology paper, “The Elemental Past” (44: 262-219), a full-throated defense of Merleau-Ponty’s later phenomenology against the charges of correlationism, especially as regards the notion of time. (I happened to be on looking for something else when it nicely popped up as recommended [I’ve never used really, though now I see its dangers].) Nicely written, though I do wonder about the uses of the “eternal” in several places as prior and posterior to human life, given the thinking of finitude involved. In any case I happened to open the first chapter of my book on the new realisms and new materialisms with the nebula quotation in M-P that Toadvine discusses. (I was actually looking for work on Schelling and time and came across some bad renditions of Derrida using the notion of the eternal to link to Schelling. My philosophical judgement: eek.) Incidentally Marie-Eve Morin (Alberta) is working on a longer project using Merleau-Ponty and Nancy as a counterpoint to the speculative turn.

 The Elemental Past | Ted Toadvine –


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