Unger Knew, but Didn’t Want to Know – Digressions&Impressions

Eric Schliesser on one of the more obnoxious interviews I’ve read by a philosopher, namely with Peter Unger of NYU: Unger Knew, but Didn’t Want to Know – Digressions&Impressions. Schliesser picks up on Unger’s strange point scoring on who is smarter than whom (it comes up several times), like somebody who last developed ideas on this in high school, and his “pick up the ladder behind him” approach to the discipline (he claims it should be done with, after a career doing it). Anyway, it’s interesting what he claims philosophy to be (basically leave it to the scientists), which then makes it easier to claim it should just wilt on the vein. Clearly he’s not a political thinker and that doesn’t count for him (he derides what were some of the high points of Russell’s writings) as philosophy. He did well at the institutional game but then doesn’t note the problems of that game except that it allows him to deride the work of almost all others, a priori it seems.