Lecture in Bangkok Tomorrow

Probably should have put this up with more notice, but for any Thai readers (according to WordPress, there are some!), I’ll be talking tomorrow on “Liberty, Equality, but not Fraternity” (chosen by my host) at the centrally located Chulalongkorn University, Boroomrajchakumaree Building, room 706. I’m looking forward to it–not just for meeting the department, etc., but also any political discussion (especially about questions of sovereignty) here given the recent coup  (all but the most tourist-y of areas are still under curfew and a firm date is not forthcoming on the implementation of a new constitution) is bound to have more than the discussed resonances (though I won’t go into it myself).

After that, it’s off to Munich and the nearby Augsburg, with whom we are setting up a join-PhD program, for a block seminar on nature (my focus will be on the recent Continental turn to naturalism–and where I see its problems). While there, I’ll also be writing up my paper on Jacques Rancière’s Aisthesis for the International Philosophical Seminar later this month in the Südtirol, Italy. Thus three longish papers in three weeks on different topics, then back to book work while staying in Europe until the end of July.