‘This is not a cover image’ – bad covers of books on Foucault

This is quite funny, and it just so happens a colleague and I were talking about bad book covers this morning and how it’s so unnecessary. I can’t even think of the thought process behind some of them.

Progressive Geographies

tumblr_inline_n59vvohFao1r1ogyf A set of images of covers of books on Foucault … and their problems. I actually like the Lois McNay cover, but there are some hideous ones here…

Something to bear in mind for Foucault’s Last Decade, though I continue to like the cover image for the book Jeremy Crampton and I edited on Foucault – one of only two times in my publishing career where my/our suggestion for the cover was enthusiastically welcomed by the press (the other was The Birth of Territory). All my book covers are here.

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