Edinburgh University Press to publish critical edition of Whitehead’s works

Congrats to Brian Henning for getting this contracted and under way.

Object-Oriented Philosophy

Great news just received in a circular email from Brian G. Henning. And what better city for a critical edition of Whitehead to be published in than Edinburgh, site of the Gifford Lectures that became Process and Reality.




It is my great pleasure to announce that the editorial board of the Critical Edition of Whitehead has come to an agreement with Edinburgh University Press to publish the print edition of the published and unpublished works of Alfred North Whitehead. Moreover, through an agreement with Oxford University Press, it is anticipated that the Edition will also be available through Oxford Scholarly Editions Online.


We propose to inaugurate the Critical Edition of Whitehead with several volumes of unpublished and largely unknown materials, including : (a) one volume of heretofore unpublished and largely un-interpreted correspondence between Whitehead and many of the leading figures in science, mathematics, and philosophy…

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