New Materialism and/or Post-Structuralism | OPEN REFLECTIONS

Open Reflections provides, well, open reflections on a roundtable discussion on ‘New Materialism and/or Post-Structuralism’, which featured Timothy Murray (Cornell), Seb Franklin (KCL), Jussi Parikka (Anglia Ruskin), John David Rhodes (Sussex), and Michael Jonik (Sussex). In some sense, we see this discussion ongoing in Society and Space, for example, as to whether there is a “turn” from post-structuralism to the new materialisms, or whether we are in fact seeing “new materialist” readings, say, of Foucault and Derrida, or simply a rejection of the past. (The note on the lack of women on the panel is a good one, since these questions are being asked and addressed quite often in the feminist literature–think of the secondary readings of Bennett and Grosz–and precisely get at the political questions about “renaturalizing” philosophy taken up here.)

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