1. I’m glad you remind us of this past. I remember years ago reading heavily in the structuralists and post-structuralists, and deconstructionists. Reading and rereading de Man’s early work Blindness and Insight over the years has still helped me with certain approaches. If one were to suddenly take all these moral high-minded critics to heart one would have to leave off more than likely most of Western Literature as well as Philosophy. With the recent publication of Heidegger’s so called “Black Notebooks” I can see this sort of petty moralism registering across the blogosphere as well.

    Frank Kermode, to me always a nuanced practitioner of that ancient art of literary criticism has to me the best balanced essay I’ve ever seen on the Paul de Man affair: http://www.lrb.co.uk/v11/n06/frank-kermode/paul-de-mans-abyss

    One may despise the dark youthful being of de Man but to condemn his writings as well seems to leave out on of the great minds of the twentieth century. I’m sure the man lived with the guild of his world enough. To continue to lay blame upon the dead who cannot defend themselves against the living is a zombie show in a black box where only hate rules. Sad.

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