African Philosophy–Special Issue on Reconciliation in Postcolonial Africa

No 7 2013.

This is the fourth issue that comes after a 10 year hiatus since 2003.

The leading article of the issue is by Dennis Masaka. The article
looks at conflict and consensus in Zimbabwe’s government. It is
followed by Pascah Mungwini’s article on indigenous peoples and
question of reconciliation. Next is Munamato Chemhuru’s philosophical
reflections on the indigenous method of peace. From politics and
reconciliation, Collis Garikai Machoko delves into celibacy in African
traditional religion with spirits,
possessions, and sex. After that thrilling read, Gaius Anonaba Umahi
takes us to Nigeria for a closer look at the religious conflicts in
Nigeria between Muslims and Christians and the emergence of Boko
Haram. We end the issue with Charles Peterson film review on Boyamba
Belgique aptly titled “you took everything from us, so it’s obvious
that something needed to stay.”

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