Jockey this Friday on Brandom

I can’t make it since I’ll be out of town, but it’ll be a good one: we got Scott this year (cross-appointed with education) and he is just great to watch thinking through a set of issues–one of the Jockey all stars. Except shoes. He really must learn to get–and wear–a good pair of boots if he’s living in St. John’s. Watching him trudge downtown for drinks with Dan Smith in dress shoes was quite a “philosophers know nothing of the world” moment…

This week, Friday Feb 8, Dr. James Scott Johnston, will be looking at a piece by Robert B. Brandom, ‘The Pragmatist Enlightenment’ [from European Journal of Philosophy 12:1 ISSN 0966 8373 pp. 1 16, 2004]. We shall meet, as per usual, Peter Easton Pub, 5:00 PM
There is a good, high-quality PDF of the piece here: