Brian Henning at MUN this week…

Wow, the semester is getting off to a quick start (many great guest speakers this semester):
Dr. Brian Henning of Gonzaga University is our guest lecturer for the The Bradley Memorial Lectures in Speculative Philosophy  He will be giving a talk on Thursday, Jan.10, 5-6:30 PM at AA-1046. ‘Metaphysics: To Live Out of Doors’ 
Dr. Henning will also be starting us off for this term’s JC meetings; Friday, January 11, 5:00 PM at The Peter Easton Pub.
We will be looking at Chapter 1 (Part 1) of Alfred North Whitehead’Process and Reality (1929). The full PDF of the entire text is readily available online. I have however created a PDF of just the cover/chapter 1.
You can view/print/download the PDF here: