New issue out – Volume 30 Issue 6 « Society and Space – Environment and Planning D

New issue out – Volume 30 Issue 6 « Society and Space – Environment and Planning D.

Via Stuart Elden: The new issue of Society and Space is now out. It includes a series of tributes to Neil Smith (open access), an interview with Bruno Latour, a discussion with Elizabeth Grosz, and papers by Klaus Dodds, Gareth Hoskins, Justin Steil and Jennifer Ridgley, Robert Kaiser, Junxi Qian, Liyun Qian, and Hong Zhu, Renisa Mawani, Tim Edensor and David Evans. Full contents listed below.

Neil Smith: a critical geographer 947 – 962
Deborah Cowen, David Harvey, Donna Haraway, Max Rameau, Nick Bacon, Matthew Bissen, Marnie Brady, Zoltán Glück, Malav Kanuga, Steve McFarland, Jessica Miller, Elizabeth Sibilia, Erin Siodmak, Laurel Mei Turbin, Gerry Kearns, Blanca Ramírez, Gerry Pratt, Alfredo Jaar

An aesthetics of proof: a conversation between Bruno Latour and Francis Halsall on art and inquiry 963 – 970
Francis Halsall

Geopower: a panel on Elizabeth Grosz’s Chaos, Territory, Art: Deleuze and the Framing of the Earth 971 – 988
Kathryn Yusoff, Elizabeth Grosz, Nigel Clark, Arun Saldanha, Catherine Nash

Graduated and paternal sovereignty: Stephen Harper, Operation Nanook 10, and the Canadian Arctic 989 – 1010
Klaus Dodds

On arrival: memory and temporality at Ellis Island, New York 1011 – 1027
Gareth Hoskins

‘Small-town defenders’: the production of citizenship and belonging in Hazleton, Pennsylvania 1028 – 1045
Justin Steil, Jennifer Ridgley

Reassembling the event: Estonia’s ‘Bronze Night’ 1046 – 1063
Robert Kaiser

Subjectivity, modernity, and the politics of difference in a periurban village in China: towards a progressive sense of place? 1064 – 1082
Junxi Qian, Liyun Qian, Hong Zhu

Racial violence and the cosmopolitan city 1083 – 1102
Renisa Mawani

Illuminated atmospheres: anticipating and reproducing the flow of affective experience in Blackpool 1103 – 1122
Tim Edensor

Binning, gifting and recovery: the conduits of disposal in household food consumption 1123 – 1137
David Evans