Busy Week at Memorial

I had a great time at the CSCP, catching up with Joseph Carew, Iain MacDonald, Phil Buckley, and many others. My thanks for Devin Shaw for putting me up.

But with that done, it’s a busy week here.

On Thursday, I’ll be lecturing on Bill Martin’s Ethical Marxism (4-6:00 pm in Science 4087). It’s for the humanities group, but all are welcome.

On Friday, I’ll be leading the discussion at Jockey. Here’s the announcement:

For this coming Friday, October 19, Dr. Peter Gratton has chosen for us to look at a section of Plotinus’ Enneads; Fifth Ennead, Third Tractate (Translated by Stephen MacKenna and B. S. Page. London, P.L. Warner, publisher to the Medici Society 1917-1930)

A ‘word doc’ version of the selection has been uploaded to my server and is available for download here:


Plus we have external reviewers for the Ph.D. program to “host” and have fun with Thursday to Saturday. And how did I manage to get four different committee meetings on Thursday alone?