Today’s Jockey Club

The philosophy discussion group will be at the Peter Easton Pub. (We checked out several bars; this looked to have the best mix of lovely space and general late-afternoon seediness of customers. Bonus: the owner said that “Yous [think tough local brogue] will elevate the place.”)

Here’s GIl’s message:

Just a quick update to let everyone know that we are all set for tomorrow’s JC meeting at the Peter Easton Pub, 5:00 PM.

As you enter the bar, you will see on the back-right side a wooden/glass door that leads to a large spacious room – – that is where we shall set up. Beverages can be purchased at the bar.


As for the Descartes piece, hard-copies were left at the departmental mailbox. I just checked and as of now – – late Thursday afternoon – – there are still a few copies available. A reminder about the text source, for those of you coming armed with their own copy of the Meditations; there are several Cambridge University Press editions of the CSM translation but some only have partial selections of the Objections and Replies. I am using the complete text from the the full three-volume set. (Many of you would have used this text in class, it is the orange cover paperback Vol II). Also, some have asked about other online versions of the text with native OCR text characters but unfortunately I have not found any that are of this same translation; the ones I found are the older Haldane and Ross trans.

I’m off on a trip today, so I’ll miss this year’s inaugural meeting, but can’t wait to see how the new place works out.