The Philosophers Magazine Needs Female Writers, or Just not these Guys

I don’t mean to be that harsh, but it’s in my RSS feed.

These are just three of the last four posts. I need some rest for an early flight to Hobart, so I’m not digging further:

1. There’s this about how the writer can’t hug women because he’s sexually attracted to them. He then is some ethereal discussion of the ethics of this, which tells you a lot about how abstract certain neo-Kantian ethics are.

2. Then there’s this about the ethics of porn, which handrings over the lost salaries of workers who may lose jobs as porn goes online, complete with a discussion of whether it’s appropriate to copy porn you haven’t paid for. Also, there’s a helpful picture for those who need it.

3. Then, there’s this on so-called “booth babes” (don’t worry, there’s a picture, too!), and the author ends with his worry that business might lose sales because women may be turned off by them.

I couldn’t bring myself to read each post thoroughly, but jeebus–it’s like they found problems (always involving the objectification of women) and managed to ask all the wrong questions.

Really, the ethics of stealing porn? Or should men pay for their porn if the industry is going under? Really?