Jim Bradley’s Last Published Piece

Until a collection of his work that Sean McGrath and others are putting together comes out. The CSCP was kind enough (thanks Iain and Marie-Eve for the quick work) to post it open access:

James Bradley, longtime professor of philosophy at Memorial University of Newfoundland, passed away on May 17, 2012. His last publication had just appeared in Symposium, vol. 16, no. 1. As a tribute to Professor Bradley’s remarkable academic career, the CSCP would like to offer this publication to members and friends of the Society. It may be downloaded here.

I can hear Jim’s voice and wit and wisdom as I read it. You get the basics of his work: the fact that, abductively, given the success of trinitarian thinking in the history of the West, we can grant the hypothesis that any metaphysics works best in trinitarian terms; that Continental Philosophy and Analytic Philosophy are both avowed enemies of speculative philosophy (for those interested in speculative realism, Jim provides the speculative background you need); and his discussion of processes of actualization.

And, course, there’s his sharp opening: There is no Continental philosophy, only “‘Pseudo-Continentalism,’ [which is] no more than a highly selective rendering of Western European Philosophy.” Which he published, of course, in the leading journal in Canada for Continental philosophy.