MUN Colloquium Schedule

MUN’S graduate colloquium series on the topic of life is below, meeting Tuesday this semester a 2-3:15 in CHEM 4036. My own lecture will likely only touch briefly on Agamben (along with some Derrida and Esposito) before diving into Aristotle.

Philosophy Winter Colloquium 2012

Jan 17  Stephen Gardner         “The Form of Life: Pythagorean Reflections on Modern Biology”

Jan 24 Michelle Rebidoux     “The Greatest of These is Love: The Traditional Christian Virtues in Michel

Henry’s Phenomenology of Life”


Jan 26 Scott Johnson              “Why Kantian Constructivism Fails”

Jan 31 Walter Okshevsky       “Kant on Transcendental Self-Understanding and the Vocation of Moral Life”

Feb 7   Bernard Wills             “Parmenides, Heraclitus and the Theological Category of Life”

Feb 14 Peter Gratton              “Agamben on Aristotle”


Feb 16 Christopher Martin     TBA

Feb 21 BREAK

Feb 28 Seamus O’Neill          “Eritis sicut Dii: Theosis, Pride, and the Dialectic of the Devil in Platonic and Christian Thought”

Mar 6  Peter Harris                “Heidegger on Aristotle”


Mar 8  Suma Rajiva               “Life and Moral Agency”

Mar 13 David Thompson       “The Norms of Life”

Mar 20 Arthur Sullivan          “The Life of the Sign”

Mar 27 Darren Hynes             “The Many Lives of Rene Descartes”

Apr 3 Peter Trnka                   “Flavor Experience and Heterotrophic Life:  How to Chew Gum II”