1. Here’s E. K. Picard’s thesis on Foucault and relational ontology from the University of Nottingham.

2. Since Levi Bryant was recently discussing agency, here’s a link I somehow came across to a 2007 paper on agencement, act-network-theory, and relational ontologies.

3. Brad Delong has been providing great links for those looking for the latest on the quest to punish the poor in Ireland.

4. Stuart Elden has two interesting discussions up: (a) on the use of the referees for journals (and how to write reports) and (b) Elsevier’s decision to publish article by article. For those who have just begun to write referee reports, Stuart’s suggestions (and those in the referenced posts) are really helpful. When I first did one, I spent a few hours crafting my report, to get the tone right; now it’s much quicker. The hardest reports are on rejections and, worse still, the revise and resubmits, since those require suggestions for revisions that, if fixed, you need to be make sure will get through the next peer review. As for Elsevier’s manor of publishing, I don’t really see the need for it, and this comes from someone who thinks almost everything should be online. Journals are not newspapers and thus can wait a bit for a whole journal to be put together. Otherwise, you’re printing articles, not journals… (I think that Symposium runs the easiest model at this point: put up the book reviews when they are available, with the rest to follow when the journal is printed.)




  1. Hmm…I was unable to follow any of the four links above. Perhaps you could check to confirm them (or not) on your end?

    Thanks, Michael

  2. Thanks. The links look okay, but they give me a problem, too. I’ll try a bit later to see if there’s some weird wordpress problem…

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