Annals of Backhanded Compliments…

Stuart Elden, whom I must stop linking to before he gets a restraining order, reels in this catch:

Many people will be aware of the ‘what is it like to be a woman in philosophy’ blog, which makes for very depressing reading. Here’s an example from history – both in time (from 1954) and the discipline… From the preface to an edited book:-

Lastly I must thank my wife… for what amounts to collaboration with me in the production of the book. As a scholar in a field allied to my own, she has always offered valuable criticism of everything I produce before anyone else sees it. As an expert in styling and arranging of manuscripts, she has saved both me, my collaborators, and the publisher much. In addition, she has typed the manuscript and prepared the index.

And just the man’s name appears as editor.

I actually know someone (not me!) who has his wife type up his work and edit it for him (I’m going to go out on a limb that this means he’s not likely to read this). But of course, as Stuart knows, editing is not a real job, nor typesetting, nor adjusting for style, ror doing indexes… the true thinker just delegates.


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