1. I may have gotten into philosophy for the wrong reasons 🙂 but the most comprehensive treatment I’ve seen of Heidegger’s notion of reality in ‘Being and Time’ is in the breakdown of the various definitions of ‘world’ Taylor Carman gives in his book ‘Heidegger’s Analytic’. The book has some problems, but he tends to be quite good on details like this.

  2. Thanks. Who doesn’t get into philosophy for the wrong reasons? I got in for the money and fame. Anyway, I know Carman’s book and I had project once going through Heidegger’s notion of “world.” But he doesn’t go over this distinction, which if I recall Heidegger mentions just once, in passing, and doesn’t seem (if I remember) to pick up again. I don’t think it’s crucial distinction as it is to Lacan, but I figured someone had followed up on it. In fact, I probably will find out I have 3 essays on this topic somewhere on my desk… Thanks! I will recheck that book, though…

    1. Thanks! It’s good to see your blog, too. I looked for your post, but didn’t see it. You have a few posts on Heidegger and realism, which are good (I taught this part of his work this past year…). But I didn’t see anything on his distinction between Reality and the Real.

  3. I’m not sure I’m thinking of the same passage in SuZ that you are . . . But while I’ve never seen or heard of any sustained discussions of this specific topic, I suspect a place to look would be in discussions of Heidegger in connection with Dilthey, since in the passage I’m thinking of, Heidegger brings up the “reality of the real” in the context of discussing Dilthey. I think he also mentions Scheler, so works on Heidegger/Scheler (if there are any) might also bring this up

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