Coming Soon: the Interview with Bryant

First, check out Bryant’s diagram here, which actually explains a lot on its own. Second, I already have the interview with Levi Bryant, but I’m going to wait a couple of days to post it so that people don’t miss any of the interviews (with Bennett and Bogost) since blog readers tend to look at the top of blogs (or at least I do). But each time I post these, obviously traffic goes up. Paul Ennis was hugely popular (it’s the Irish accent). Harman was huge (is it the cool factor of being an ex-pat?). Now Bennett is doing great numbers (um, people like Baltimore?), with Bogost just going up. Sorry to talk about this crass factor, but I guess I want people who were kind enough to answer my questions that it does get a response. So vote with your clickers and vote often, as we say in Chicago.