The Notebook

It’s been that time of semester when I realize I’m getting older. I’ve been going over Aristotle’s notion of catharsis (hey–there’s Aristotle again!) and I put it the students to name a film that has a cathartic moment that worked as Aristotle suggests. Well first I asked for a tragic play, then a book, then a film, but that’s another matter. I got two suggestions for Adam Sandler movies, with a couple of people suggesting different Jim Carrey movies. But yet again the Notebook has come up in another course. This makes it this generations go-to movie for sadness and then uplift. Needless to say, my reflexive eye rolls make my freshman suggest I’m the worst cynic, when of course that title in a better world would have belonged to the person who wrote that film thinking that people would like it. Ah, SoCal: where people fear age worse than death and where the favorite movies dream of people staying together into old age….