More SR blogging soon…

I promise. I’ve been caught up in a couple of projects I need to wrap up before I turn to my course in the Spring, which is part of my own internal deadline for getting some writing done on it. I’m still working out precursors to Meillassoux, and I think actually starting the first day with Kant’s Prolegomena is the way to go, and then move to some Whitehead, who is one of the first to claim the title “speculative realist,” if I’m right. I’ll post a syllabus when I get a chance so that I can get some feedback, but I’m waiting for the Re:Press volume on SR to be available to decide on certain readings. (I’m hoping, anyway, that it will be available by the end of January, given previous volumes quick movement through…) One of the things I’m grateful for is that SR writers, on the whole, are actually pretty good. Even when the writing itself is weak, it’s because they are in full-nerd going for a concept (I mean that in a good way) or for a way of thinking out a problem, which in other words is a way of being excited about a project and not treating it like a dry journal article to be written. This makes for better reading, and since I know a number of my students in the spring are coming to a lot of this for the first time, that’ll be a help for getting through the material.

Of course, according to Whitehead’s Adventures of Ideas, part of the background for understanding his overall approach is to understand Gibbon, so maybe we’ll start with Decline and Fall first.

That’s a joke. I think.