Personal Assistance

I wonder how widespread this is:

Charley Cooper, a Georgetown University sophomore whose ad for a personal assistant has attracted attention (much of it mocking) on blogs and here at Inside Higher Ed, has come forth to defend himself. Cooper told The Washington Post that hiring a personal assistant isn’t that different from the way students use laundry services or other businesses that cater to their needs. Cooper said he has received a number of applications for the position and plans to start interviews soon.

I’m not sure what a University can really do to stop this sort of thing, not least because this kind of service is probably quite akin to other services. But we’re really entering into strange territory when some students might be working for others as their assistants—this can’t be healthy for the student body. But I guess it prepares them for the world beyond the university, where there’s 10% unemployment and the investment classes reap the benefits of 3.5% GDP growth.