Badiou on Sartre

I linked to this essay below, but I like anytime Badiou talks about Sartre. And he quotes from several of Sartre’s better known Marxist jibes. For those Randians who keep coming up on my blog: it’s not good to be worth less than scum.

In another interview, the same Sartre says, in such terms, I quote; “If the Communist hypothesis is not right, if it is not applicable, this means that humanity is not in itself something very different from ants or ferrets.”

What he is saying there is that if competition, free markets, the search for little jouissance and the walls that protect you from the desires of the weak are collectivified, the human being is not worth scum.

Alas, for those keeping track—still not as good as Gibbon, but serviceable. (Speaking of Gibbon, if you think this is esoteric, I happened to come across a few books last weekend on the latter days of the Roman empire(s). Three of the books at the Border’s location had prefaces that explicitly quoted and went over Gibbon’s hold over that field. I must say, despite Gibbon’s idiosyncracies, it’s hard to think of other authors whom you would need to cite in a preface to a major area of historical events.)