Some Say Genocide Is Bad, Others Say It’s Just Misunderstood…

Modern journalism: Some say it’s racist, those doing it say it isn’t—who’s to say? (I’m going to refrain from passing on the image, though in an entire article on this the author doesn’t go out of the way to note the image, no matter who is in it, is a racist caricature.) From CNN today:

Posters portraying President Obama as a witch doctor may be racist, organizers of Tea Party protests say, but they reflect anger about where he is leading the country. …The posters, showing Obama wearing a feather headdress and a bone through his nose, have recently popped up in e-mails, on Web sites and at Tea Party protests. The image has stoked debate and cast attention on the rallies, which have drawn people Tea Party organizers describe as on the fringe and not representative of the overall movement. Their general viewpoint, leaders say, is that there’s been too much federal government intervention, particularly concerning health care and taxes. …The witch doctor imagery is blatantly racist, critics contend. …Others remind that presidents get made fun off all the time, and the election of a black president has only made racially charged political satire more sensitive.

I love that: “others remind…” Great verb:”remind.”