The New Messianism

I wrote a conference paper a couple of years ago tracing the messianism inherent in a lot of the childish rhetoric on the environment. I don’t think it’s too much to say that many in the US think this is but another problem to be solved by more and more technology, and that eventually CO2 levels will be solved by some massive vacuum in the sky or something. This is the childish view of the world that says that we can act out all our pleasures, deny the inevitable, and hope that mom and dad (or some scientist) step in with the solution. I mean, otherwise you’d be really panicking. For example, you might be thinking, well, thank god those environmentalists haven’t wrecked the economy… I can get my thirty-year mortgage here near the flood plain of anystate, USA. But in thirty years, of course, your house will be flooded out. And your libertarian self will be applying for a gov’t bailout. The only way you can block this out of your mental planning for your life is if (a) you think the real Messiah is coming, as some republican do indeed argue, or (b) you think someone’s going to solve this problem anyway. Oh well… here’s a short article on geo-engineering .